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Special thanks to the following creators for all the amazing work that this document is built upon:

  • Yochai Gal for Cairn, the amazing game that makes Block, Dodge, Parry possible. This book makes extensive use of the SRD of Cairn, and is highly compatible with all Cairn-related creations.
  • Chris McDowall for Into The Odd, Electric Bastionland and all further branches of the Mark of the Odd.
  • Arnold Kemp for the GLOG system, which magic system formed the basis for the one featured in Block, Dodge, Parry.
  • Simon Washbourne for Barbarians of Lemuria, and the career system provided a big source of inspiration.
  • Emmy Allen of Cavegirl’s Game Stuff for the rock-paper-scissors implementation of dueling, found in the Social Conflict section.
  • Errant by Ava Islam/Kill Jester Publishing, LLP provided many brilliant procedures for OSR play. Block, Dodge, Parry in particular uses the Gambit and Initiative procedures, and builds upon them.
  • Downtime in Zyan by Ben Laurence was a major inspiration for Complex Tasks.
  • The descriptors used in Practical Magic are inspired by The Electrum Archive by Emiel Boven.
  • Further thanks to all of the amazing players who have always indulged me in my wild new systems and experiments: Bas, Dick, Ro, Hans, Cindy, Dylan, Mykola and many more.
  • Shout-out to the amazing NSR-Cauldron and Cairn Discord servers, and all the amazing people there who have always been so helpful with feedback and ideas.



Block, Dodge, Parry is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Published in 2022.