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Time, Gear & Skill

Performing actions involves time, gear, and skill.

  • Generally, if you have none or one of the three, a task is impossible.
  • If you have all three, you do not need to roll - it just succeeds.
  • If you only have two, the task might involve a Save, with time or your gear at stake if you fail.

Optional Rule: Attributes

Attributes only play a role in determining Saves. As an optional rule, we can interpret ability scores as descriptors of Player Characters, and as possible substitutes for gear or skill:

Attribute Value Effect
STR 6 or lower Weak – Tasks requiring average strength might be more difficult.
STR 15 or higher Strong – Brawn can sometimes substitute skill or gear.
DEX 6 or lower Clumsy – Tasks requiring average dexterity might be more difficult.
DEX 15 or higher Deft – Nimbleness and agility can sometimes substitute skill or gear.
WIL 6 or lower Feebleminded – A -1 modifier on reaction rolls.
WIL 15 or higher Strong-willed – A +1 modifier on reaction rolls.