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Appendix E: Finding A Trainer

Block, Dodge, Parry has a big emphasis on skills, and skills require trainers to be taught!

Instead of “You have reached level X, and now (somehow) know [Level X benefits here]”, the discovery (and convincing!) of new trainers should be a fun adventure in and of itself. Use these tables for ideas!

So, you’ve heard of a sword technique only taught in the Bronze City of Japar, you’ve obtained a lockbox with a twin-linked copper-cased lock and don’t know how to pick it, you want to master the concept of Read to use in Practical Magic or you want to master the element of Ice. What now?

The trainer is…

1d20 Result
1-12 …where you expect them to be; a normal member of society.
13 …retired.
14 …isolated from society, living the hermit life. Getting to them will not be easy.
15 …the head of a prestigious institution.
16 …hiding in plain sight.
17 …in prison.
18 …kidnapped.
19 …on retainer for the local lord.
20 …a member of a rival adventuring party.

This person is willing to teach their skills…

1d20 Result 1d20 Result
1 …for the usual fee. 11 …only to those who fulfill their desire for revenge.
2 …for double the usual fee. 12 …only to those who clearly possess a strong sense of justice.
3 …only to members of the same social class as them. 13 …only to those who would cause chaos and mayhem with it.
4 …only to members of the same organization or guild. 14 …if you are able to defeat 3 of their other students, in a variety of challenges involving strength, dexterity and willpower.
5 …only to those with similar goals. 15 …if you are able to return their missing pet.
6 …only to those who prove themselves worthy in a friendly contest. 16 …if you can do something good for the community first.
7 …only to those who would use these skills responsibly. 17 …if you can provide them with some valuable information they have been seeking.
8 …only to close friends. 18 …if you are able to prove your loyalty and dedication to their cause or ideology.
9 …only to those who can solve their riddle. 19 …if you can teach them something in return.
10 …only to those who prove themselves worthy by fetching a rare plant, animal skin or particular mushroom. 20 …if you can prove that you don’t need the skill.