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Appendix C: Practical Magic Tags

When using this system, players can learn new tags while adventuring. Remember to keep the guidelines of Practical Magic in mind. The actual effect of the spell depends on the number of MD invested, ranging from “Can be achieved with tools instead of magic” to “Mythical”.


  • Acts as a warm coat in cold weather

  • Allows you to breathe underwater

  • Creates an arcane cocoon, granting the person inside invulnerability to everything outside (but also prohibiting any form of interaction)


  • The target acts as if you’ve bought them a drink

  • The target suddenly vaguely remembers you as a long-lost friends

  • Completely overwrites any negative impression the target might have of you


  • Summons a pile of dead leaves to dive into

  • You become a shimmer; a suggestion of a shape

  • You become virtually invisible.


  • Allows you to focus on your surroundings, as if you’re using a magnifying glass or set of binoculars

  • Allows you to vaguely detect the aura of nearby beings

  • You can pinpoint every being in a city-block radius


  • As if you prod and poke at a ward with a stick, pliers or rock salt. Like throwing a pebble on a landmine.

  • Completely dissect a complicated ward or curse.

  • Fundamentally undo time-travel and other reality-warping magic.


  • Like using a really big sheet to slow your fall.

  • Controlled hovering, slight upwards motion.

  • Sprouting wings or transforming into a flying creature.


  • Like drinking an invigorating beverage, shaking off the effects of exhaustion for a while.

  • Greatly increased agility and speed, running for an hour without fatigue, things take half as long as they normally would.

  • Time briefly loses its grip on you; it’s as if you manifest effect without perceivable cause.


  • Causes an unlocked door to swing open, a lock to click and rattle until it is unlocked

  • A heavy stone door is thrown open, a lock crumples into dust

  • Castle gates are blasted open, all locks nearby cease to exist


  • A good alternative for a torch.

  • A handy, supernatural hovering light.

  • As if you’ve summoned the sun.


  • Prodding or pulling small objects nearby, as if affected by an invisible 10ft. pole with a hook.

  • Effortlessly move an object with your mind, up to human-sized to a Far range.

  • As if you have manifested an invisible tornado.


  • Impair a specific type of damage towards yourself.

  • Protect your party from a certain element, Impairing it.

  • Completely dispel a lingering hazard, such as poison or a dark aura.


  • Just like keeping a common dictionary handy

  • Like a mental tome of long-lost languages

  • You can read anything; expressions, lies, language, feelings

Send Message

  • Like sending a letter; it takes a while, and might get lost.

  • Instant mental communication between a small group of individuals over a short range.

  • Directly implant your thoughts into the mind of another being, anywhere.