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Appendix G: Age & Experience

When making a character, you can pick up to 4 different careers, and pick 4 corresponding skills. The following are optional rules to provide for a larger arc in personal growth, and the effects age might have on a character.

Age & Experience

1d6 Age & Experience Effect on STR Effect on DEX Effect on WIL
1 Young: barely not a teenager anymore. You can pick 1 Career Skill. -1 +2 -2
2 Emerging: you’re starting to learn the ropes. Roll 2d4, and keep the lowest value; that’s your number of Career Skills. 0 +1 -1
3-4 Prime: you’re in your prime. Roll 1d4: that’s your number of Career Skills. +1 0 0
5 Wizened: you’re getting up there. Roll 2d4, and keep the highest value; that’s your number of Career Skills. 0 -1 +1
6 Old: you’ve been around. You can pick 4 Career Skills. -1 -2 +2

Rolling for Age

Roll 1d6 to determine the starting age.

Optional: Effect on Attributes

The grey-highlighted part of the table offers an optional addition. Without it, being older is purely a benefit. If you use the modifiers mentioned, it will have the following effects:

  • Strength is at one’s peak during their physical prime.

  • Dexterity lessens over time, as one gets older and more stiff.

  • Willpower increases, as the mind fortifies itself over a long life.