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Complex Tasks

To resolve events directly happening to Player Characters, they roll Saves. For simple events that Player Characters elect to do, use Time, Gear and Skill. The following rules provide a system to deal with complex tasks that inherently take Time and do not necessarily require Skill. The full version of Block, Dodge, Parry gives more examples and context to these rules.

Step 1: Determine Difficulty

Determine the difficulty of the task, along with the timescale on which it takes place.

Scope of task Steps
Mundane 1d2
Uncommon, some effort required 1d4+2
Rare, dangerous, hard 2d4+4
Exotic, mythic, difficult 4d4+8

‘Scope of task’ contains various descriptors. Hunting a unique albino lion would qualify as “mythic”, findind healing herbs as “uncommon” etc.

The timescale determines how long a single attempt at this task will take. Depending on the context, this might be hours, days, weeks or even months. Hunting a dangerous beast would probably be measured in days, performing research in an enormous library would take weeks.

Step 2: Determine modifiers

The participating Player Characters can gain the following, non-stacking modifiers to their rolls:

  • A +1 modifier for any general relevant skill, background, context or ability.
  • A +2 modifier for any specific relevant skill, background, context or ability.
  • A +3 modifier for any uniquely relevant skill, background, context or ability.

Note that 2 specific skills do not make a unique skill – a +3 should only be granted in unique circumstances.

Step 3: Making rolls & tracking progress

For every completed time unit spent dedicated to this task, roll 2d6 + modifier.

  • On a 6 or lower, no progress is made.
  • On a 7-9, progress 1 Step.
  • On a 10+, progress 1 Step, and instead of rolling upon the next time unit, progress 1 Step again.

Note that ‘spending time dedicated to this task’ does not mean that nothing else happens; it might involve traveling the land in pursuit of the quarry, visiting towns and cities, or even delving into dungeons looking for clues!