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Weapon Types

Weapons can deal 3 types of damage:

  • Piercing. Rolling the maximum value on your damage roll makes your attack ignore all armor. This ability only works if you use the regular damage die for the weapon (i.e., not on an Impaired d4 attack, for example.)
  • Bludgeoning. Always ignores 1 armor.
  • Slashing. Deals +1 damage against targets without armor.

Weapons take up 1 inventory slot unless marked as Bulky, which means they also require two hands to wield.

Weapons can be fast, balanced or slow:

  • Fast. These weapons strike fast but do not do a lot of damage. They all share a d6 damage dice.
  • Balanced. These weapons are well-balanced between speed and weight. They all share a d8 damage dice.
  • Slow. These weapons are somewhat slower but pack a punch. They all share a d10 damage dice.
  • Weapons marked with Reach always go first when engaging from a distance, and last when already in Close combat.

Weapon Skills

  • Heavy X: Ignore X points of ARMOR, but DAMAGE rolls of X or lower completely miss.
  • Sweep X: DAMAGE rolls of X or higher grant one bonus attack on another target in reach. You can’t chain this effect for multiple bonus attacks.
  • Push X: DAMAGE rolls of X or higher push the target back from Close to Nearby, preventing approach and allowing longer weapons to keep their advantage in the next clash.
  • Counter X: DAMAGE rolls of X or less against you are bounced back against your attacker.
  • Brutal X: CRITICAL DAMAGE resulting from a DAMAGE roll of X or more from this weapon is an instant kill, and forces a morale SAVE on the enemy.
  • Shock X: Damage rolls of X or higher trigger a STR Save - on a failure, the target loses its next turn.
  • Bleed X: On a damage roll of X or higher, the target takes an additional 1d4 STR damage at the start of their next turn. This STR damage does not incur a Critical Damage save.

Magic Weapons

Legends speak of magic weapons; forged by dwarves, enchanted by elves, cursed by demons. These weapons might have the following properties:

  • Eversharp X: Reroll damage rolls of X or lower.
  • Magic X: Add X to any damage roll, without exceeding the maximum possible damage for this weapon.

Learning How To Use A Weapon

Weapons require training to be used effectively.

Damage Type Proficiency

To use a weapon’s Damage Type effects, such as bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing, you need to make 5 killing blows in lethal combat with any weapon of that type.

When making a character, you can choose one Damage Type to be already proficient in.

Weapon Skill Proficiency

To use the weapon tag (Brutal, Sweep, etc.) of an individual weapon, you need to make 5 killing blows in lethal combat with that specific weapon.

When picking up a different weapon with the same tag (i.e., a Longsword and Scimitar both have Sweep), you’ll still need to gain Weapon Skill Proficiency.

Breaking Point

When the chips are down, you can sacrifice your equipment. Performing an offensive or defensive action requires either desperation or complete dedication. You either need to be at 0 HP already, or choose to lower your defense and ‘drop’ to 0 HP voluntarily.

  • Offensive: Sacrifice your weapon to Enhance your attack. Your weapon is broken afterwards - useless unless repaired. Repairing costs are 75% of new cost. This can be done with all weapon types.

  • Defensive: Sacrifice your weapon, shield or Armor to ignore an incoming blow. This destroys the equipment - useless unless repaired. Repairing costs are 75% of new cost, but shields are always broken when sacrificed and cannot be repaired. Mundane attacks (weapons, claws, teeth etc.) can be stopped with balanced- and heavy weapons, shields, and light (+1) and heavy armor (+2). Special attacks (magic, elemental energy etc.) can only be stopped with heavy armor (+2) and shields.

Weapon List

Stars (★) indicate a weapon’s rarity. This indicates how rare it is to find such a weapon during your adventures, and is an indicator of price.

Weapon Damage Properties Rarity/Price
Ranged Weapons      
Bow D6 (Fast) Bulky ★ (5 gold)
Crossbow D8 (Fast) Bulky ★★ (15 gold)
Greatbow D10 (Fast) Bulky ★★★ (40 gold)
Piercing Weapons – Rolling max. damage ignores all Armor      
Dagger D6 (Fast) - ★ (5 gold)
Ceremonial Dagger D6 (Fast) Bleed (5) ★★ (10 gold)
Parrying Dagger D6 (Fast) Counter (1) ★★ (10 gold)
Rapier D8 (Balanced) Counter (2) ★★ (15 gold)
Spear D8 (Balanced) Reach, Push (6) ★ (10 gold)
War Pick D8 (Balanced) Bleed (7) ★★ (15 gold)
Boar-Hunting Spear D10 (Slow) Reach, Bulky, Push (7) ★★★ (40 gold)
Bludgeoning Weapons – Always ignores 1 Armor      
Cudgel D6 (Fast) - ★ (5 gold)
Simple Staff D6 (Fast) Reach ★★ (5 gold)
Sage’s Staff D6 (Fast) Reach, Shock (6) ★ (10 gold)
Flail D8 (Balanced) Shock (5) ★★★ (30 gold)
Mace D8 (Balanced) Shock (8) ★★ (15 gold)
Spiked Mace D8 (Balanced) Shock (6) ★★★ (30 gold)
Maul D10 (Slow) Bulky, Shock (6) ★★★ (40 gold)
Warhammer D10 (Slow) Bulky, Shock (7) ★★ (20 gold)
Slashing Weapons – +1 damage against targets with 0 Armor      
Shortsword D6 (Fast) - ★ (5 gold)
Axe D8 (Balanced) Heavy (1) ★ (10 gold)
Longsword D8 (Balanced) Sweep (7) ★★★ (10 gold)
Scimitar D8 (Balanced) Sweep (6) ★★★ (15 gold)
Executioner’s Axe D8 (Balanced) Brutal (5) ★★★ (30 gold)
Flamberge D8 (Balanced) Bleed (6) ★ (30 gold)
Halberd D8 (Balanced) Bulky, Sweep (8) ★★ (30 gold)
Greataxe D10 (Slow) Bulky, Heavy (2) ★★ (20 gold)
Greatsword D10 (Slow) Bulky, Sweep (6) ★★ (20 gold)